Drains at your house always clog? 

Having a good flow in your house’s pipes and drains are really important so that they would not be clogged. Having clogged pipes and drains will give you a headache once the wastes overflow from your sink as well as the pipes. The worst past is when the water containing wastes starts to give off an unpleasant smell and you can do nothing as you have no idea how to fix it. If these things happen, you have to hire a plumber or specialist to solve this problem. You can also check grease trap cleaning in Malaysia as they offer various services of plumbing and sanitary. 

Tips to prevent clogged drains and pipes at your house

If you do not want your drains to be clogged, let’s follow these easy tips!

  1. Put a grease trap 

Putting a grease trap will prevent your sink from clogging. You might think you do not pour the oil directly into the sink but somehow in your pan or wok that you have used, there is grease leftover that you just wash it away into the sink. 

  1. Sink strainer 

When washing the dish, there are times that we do not throw the waste properly. When these things happen, the food waste would go down the pipes causing it to be clogged. This results in the sink being clogged, and you have to repeatedly push down the clogged water in your sink every time washing the dish. It’s good to have a sink strainer so that the waste does not go down into the pipes.

  1. Do not pour grease or oil down into the sink

The reason why grease cannot be thrown into the sink is because the grease would stick to the pipes and by time, the grease would solidify into solid at a lower temperature. When this happens over and over, the solid grease would accumulate in your pipe and it will be difficult to remove, causing  blockage. 

  1. Bathroom strainer

Having a drain stopper in your bathroom will prevent hair and some other unwanted wastes from going down the pipe. The common problem related to clogged pipes in the bathroom is usually because of the accumulated hair in the pipes. We could not stop the hair from falling off your hair so the only solution is to put the bathroom strainer. For those who have never used a bathroom strainer and you could see the hair hanging at the drain, you can pull it out first until you are satisfied with it. 

Signs of possible clog

It is possible for clogs to form in any part of the plumbing system, including the drains, whether they are located inside or outside. Some hints are more noticeable than others, and this part is due to the fact that a huge proportion of the system is hidden either beneath the ground or within the walls, where we cannot see it.

  • When water or wastewater flows backward and gets into the toilet, sink or bathtub, particularly at low spots like basement restrooms and showers.
  • When the water from the shower, toilet and sink drains very slowly. And you could see your feet are immersed in the water while you are taking a shower.
  • When a stinky smell suddenly arises, there is a possibility that there is something or waste accumulated in the drain. 

If any of these happened, you should do something. If you can fix it by yourself, you can try to do it but if you cannot, you should ask help from the plumber. 

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