Nak Belajar Diploma Pembantu Perubatan? Baca Ini!

diploma pembantu perubatan

Are you thinking of studying a diploma pembantu perubatan course so that you can secure your future in the healthcare field as an assistant medical officer one day? Well, if you are, you should consider WIDAD College as one of your first options! You will definitely not regret choosing to study with WIDAD because they are known as one of the best universities in Malaysia for Medical science and health courses!

There are many skills and subjects you will be learning as a medical science and health student in WIDAD with their many skilled officers. Many students have gone through the diploma pembantu perubatan course at WIDAD and successfully graduated to become a medical officer in hospitals and healthcare services! 

Among some of the skills you will be learning from the medical assistants in WIDAD includes curative rendering, rehabilitation services and other helpful areas in the medical field according to the relevance. 

The skills and subjects you learn at WIDAD will definitely help you carry out medical services and tasks professionally. You will be able to differentiate general medical services and emergency treatments for clinics, hospitals, wards, outpatients, light injuries, emergency wards in hospitals and other medical treatments. 

WIDAD University College takes pride in making sure that all facilities are complete so that students can put their best foot forward and study hard. They also prioritize the environment of study so that students can score well too. 

Diploma Pembantu Perubatan Information

Program name: Diploma Sains Perubatan dan Kesihatan

Method of study: Full time

Period of study: 3 years

Entry Month: May or November

Admission Requirements: 

  • Pass SPM/SPMV with 5 credits in Bahasa Melayu, Mathematics / Additional Mathematics, Chemistry / Biology / Science, Any 2 other subjects
  • Pass in English and History 
  • No serious limb or sensory impairments
  • Healthy body
  • No dangerous genetic diseases 
  • Pass interview session conducted by the faculty

Career Path Prospects

In the government sector, you will be able to work as:

  • Medical Office Penologist (Under Medical Assistant Scheme, Grade U29, MOH)
  • Assistant Medical Officer at University Hospitals, Clinics or medicine faculties 
  • You will also get the opportunity to continue onto an advanced specialization course in or outside the country under the sponsorship of MOH or Department of Public Services OR any Private Institutions that offer scholarships or sponsorship grants
  • Promotion to management & professional positions which are instructor, science officer, hospital supervisor, hospital director

In the private sector, you will be able to work:

  • in a private hospital in several fields like Accident and Emergency Department, Cardiology and Echocardiogram unit, Operating Room, Renal Unit
  • You can work in oil companies
  • You will also gain the opportunity to work abroad in developed countries like Saudi Arabia. 
diploma pembantu perubatan

Other than diploma pembantu perubatan, Widad College also offers 10 programs at the degree level, 18 at diploma level and 2 foundation programs. They also have several programs for those who wish to pursue their Masters’ Degree and Honorary Doctorate (PhD). All the programs offered by Widad are accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). Therefore, you will not have to worry about graduating and not being eligible to work at a certain place due to your university being unrecognized.


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