Reasons Why You Should Play Valorant: 3 Sentinels Agent Edition

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Besides watching series and movies, online gaming have been one of the options to release boredom. This game is an online shooting game but there are special abilities assigned for each agent. It makes the game much more exciting. However, if you have an unstable connection, the game will be interrupted. Unifi 800mbps is a good solution for a strong internet connection. You will need to have game sense and master the abilities usage. In Valorant, there are currently 16 agents consisting of four classes which are Duelists, Controllers, Initiators, and Sentinels. If you follow gaming updates on Twitch, Facebook and Youtube, you will know that Valorant is one of the famous games that has been played by the streamers. Valorant has its own charm. 

First and foremost, let’s talk about sentinels. Sentinels are defensive experts that can lock down areas and watch flanks, both on attacker and defender rounds. Let’s look at the three sentinel agents in Valorant. 


Sage is a sentinel agent. She has abilities such as barrier orbs, slow orbs, healing orbs and resurrection. Her ultimate named resurrection can bring a dead player ‘alive’. It was so annoying. When defending, her barrier can be irritating. Most enemies except Jett, need to shoot the wall down in order to get through the wall. Therefore, the enemy location is revealed. Sage abilities can be a good use for defensive and support purposes as her healing orb is helpful to the team.  


A woman wearing spectacles that specializes in crowd control. Her inventions through gadgets, bots, and marvels of engineering helps in defense. If she sets up an area, it is a bit harder to ambush due to her bots and turrets. If the spike plant sites especially behind corners, higher grounds or other strategic positions to deal damage to enemies in its range. Killjoy abilities are alarmbot, swarmbot, nanoswarm and lockdown. If she uses her ultimate, all of the enemies need to go out from the lockdown place. 


Cypher is a secret agent that collects information and intel for his team. He owns some reliable spy items. Cypher specializes in locking down sites with a mix of traps, smokes and spycam. Cypher and Sage as a team and it will be easier to win. 

Fun fact regarding Valorant agents:

  • Jett is the shortest agent and Breach is the tallest.
  • Omen and KAY/O country’s origin is unknown. 
  • Killjoy is actually a guy but changed gender during development 
  • Before joining Valorant Protocol and signing a contract, Phoenix was suspended from the school he attended. This is because he set a building at the school compound on fire. 
  • Sage ability orbs on her belt actually contain radianite, a substance that is used to light up most of Valorant’s technology and facilities.
  • Omen is one of the mysterious agents in Valorant.

If looking at the agent classes, sentinels only have three agents which are Sage, Killjoy and Cypher. However, there is leaked info and rumor that said there is a new agent that would come out later. Valorant is still working on the hero. Sentinel agent users are looking forward to this agent to be released. Well, we are still waiting for this agent! Release it faster please! 

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