Reasons Why You Should Play Valorant: 4 Controllers Edition

There are four Controller agents in Valorant. Yes, the first-shooting game with abilities; Valorant. Amazingly, Valorant has a charm that can attract people to try each and every agent in Valorant. There are four classes in Valorant; Sentinels, Controllers, Duelist and Initiator. In this article, we will be looking at Controllers. There are four agents, each and everyone of them have their own unique abilities and how to choose this hero as your main hero. 

Since this game is an online game a good connection is a must. If you have an unstable connection, the game will be interrupted. You will tend to lose the game as your team needs to have a 4 vs 5 match. It is unfair to your team. Then, it might be frustrating for you too. JomApply unifi has a strong internet connection that is stable and would be a good preference for a strong internet connection.

The four Controllers agents in Valorant: 

  • Brimstone
  • Astra 
  • Omen 
  • Viper


-One of the easiest agents to play. If you are a beginner that is trying through four categories of agents, Brimstone is a nice option to consider. His smoke is easy to deploy, untrace-able and is very helpful to your team. His ultimate is very powerful especially if you are defending. When the spike is being defused by the enemy, you could use your ult if you want to. This is a good strategy if you don’t want to ‘pick’ or the enemy is too overpowered. 


“You are divided,” Astra’s famous line. Astra comes from Ghana making her accent and voice sounds so beautiful and unique. A unique feature that Astra owns is she can move her skill around. However, she is easily vulnerable. To do so, she needs to enter a ‘meditative’ state in which she will close her eyes. This will make her vulnerable to any enemy attack. My advice; only use Astra when you have an understanding and supportive team. Your team needs to defend you while you move your skills around. Astra’s user will also need to be quick-handed. 


Has two clouds of greyish-purplish smoke that enhances his controlling abilities. Opponents have no way to dodge the paranoia and if they get caught in, they will get nearsighted and deaf for a point blank second. Omen needs a bit of practice before you start to play him in competitive mode. Usually, Omen’s user loves to flanks. It is easy thanks to Omen’s ability. 


This lady has an annoying decay power. She can defend easily. As she owns the Toxic wall, the enemy that has ‘decay’ on them will face extra pressure and damage. It’s making the enemies vulnerable. It is easy to break their full shield while the molly is hitting the enemy. Viper also owns a poison orb. Some players called this poison orb as vomit as the greenish color reminded them of an actual vomit. Then, her ultimate is intoxicating. The enemy will be so vulnerable while her own team needs to face the greenish-jelly substance that makes their gaze watery and limited. 

Apart from watching tv series and film, gaming is on the favorite teenagers’ hobby. I hope you all can happily find your favorite Controllers agents in Valorant. Happy gaming!

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