Vegetarian and The Types of Them: 

Being a vegetarian has its own perks. Yes, they do. But what is actually vegetarian and how do they eat? Do they even eat anything other than veggies? Read more down below: 


First and foremost, let’s start with being a semi-vegetarian. A semi-vegetarian, also sometimes called a “flexitarian,” is someone whose diet is primarily vegetarian but also includes some meat, chicken or seafood occasionally. You might also cut down on meat, in general. 

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You can only eat chicken or just fish or both. If you are a semi-vegetarian you need to make sure to take in adequate nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is also recommended to avoid high fat and high calorie foods.  Vegetarians usually would have some machines to help them in prepping their food such as multipurpose vegetable slicer Malaysia and blender. 

Vegetarian Lacto-ovo

When most people think of vegetarians, they would think of lacto-ovo vegetarians. It is one of the most common actually. Lacto-ovo vegetarians follow a diet that does not include all meat, fish and poultry, but includes dairy products and eggs. Keep in mind that the nutritional requirements of lacto-ovo vegetarians are the same as those of people who choose to eat meat. Therefore, lacto-ovo vegetarians need to be careful to get adequate nutrients in their diet.

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This is due to the meat products being eliminated from the diet, lacto-ovo vegetarians need to be aware to get enough vitamin B12, vitamin D, riboflavin, iron, protein and zinc to avoid any deficiencies.

The mounting body of medical research shows that vegetarian diets are not only similar in nutrients to omnivorous diets, but they can also offer different health benefits.

The mounting body of medical research shows that a vegetarian diet is not only as nutritious as a diet that eats a variety of foods (omnivorous diets), but it also offers different health benefits. Benefits associated with a vegetarian diet include lower saturated fat intake and higher consumption of complex carbohydrates, fiber, folic acid, carotenoids and vitamins C and E.

Vegetarian Lactose

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Lacto-vegetarian is a term that is best used to define a vegetarian who does not consume eggs. However, lacto-vegetarians consume dairy products such as cheese, milk and yogurt. In other words, the lacto-vegetarian diet includes all plant-based foods, including fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts, as well as dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter, goat cheese, goat milk and any other manufactured products of these foods like ice cream. This diet does not include red meat, white meat, fish, chicken and eggs.

If you are a lacto-vegetarian, your daily diet should have a balanced diet. Do not eat the same things over and over again okay? Get Multipurpose vegetable slicer Malaysia to make your job easier. 


Like vegetarians, vegans, in addition to being vegetarians, do not use other animal products and from products such as eggs and dairy products. They can also avoid leather goods, fur and silk, fatty soaps, and other products made with animal ingredients. Many people that choose this lifestyle are called vegan and they promote vegan as a way of them being more humane and caring to the world. They know they are not perfect, but believe that they have a responsibility to try to do their best, and not judge others.

Vegans avoid all products of animal origin, including eggs, dairy foods, gelatin made from animal bones and connective tissue. Even honey is on the “no-no products” as a bee product. So, no by-products are allowed. 


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