What Will Happen To A World Without Internet Connection?

Have you ever wondered how the internet has impacted our world? Thanks to the enhancement of technologies that have provided the internet services to all people across this entire planet earth. But do ever had this phobia where suddenly you had lost you Wi-Fi connection, and none of your apps are not working, because most of them requires internet connection, therefore, the chills, the stress, anxiety it gives even for just a moment, might make you wonder, how in the earth am I going to live if there’s no any internet facility.

It’s definitely fascinating to know that most of our technologies are developed thanks to the internet service, but there are also some pros and cons associated with it, but in this topic we are keeping the pros and cons always since our argument is going to be about the world without the internet connection. But one thing that I wish to highlight in this topic is that, everything in this world comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, therefore, we cannot always be certain that things that mankind invent for the sake of humanity are going to guarantee you all its good benefits. Because at the end of the process, every coin has two sides; so with that said, let’s look into the 3 categories that would be affected by the loss of the internet in this world.

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Entertainment Industry

Well, as we all know the first thing that mankind will experience in losing the internet, is all the entertainment in this entire world. The entertainment industry is the one thing that at least keeps people like us to stay in touch within ourselves by not getting tired of ourselves or others. Entertainment industries nowadays are able to stream through the help of the internet like click here from the Jom Apply Time service. The convenience of such an internet facility is the one that makes all of us stay connected within other industries through the internet. 

For example, without the internet connection like click here from Jom Apply Time, Spotify, Netflix, Youtube, prime videos are not accessible to anyone around this world.

Job Industry

For most people, this might be the last place that you all would’ve thought about when it comes to a world without internet connection, yet in reality most job industries have derived their way of working by depending on the current technologies which need the internet connection to be online like click here from Jom Apply Time. Hence, most of the work progress like, charts, reports, files are all in the specialized system of their own company which in short needs internet connection to get access into it.


The most important part of having the internet is the ISPs (internet service provider) service of providing telecommunication service. Without an internet facility, many ISPs will lose their potential to be in this market therefore, the many consumers or customers will also lose the ability to communicate with their loved ones.

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