Ways To Keep Your Small Home Clean

Living in a small space as a student is enough to award you the little independence you crave without splurging too much money. As a student, you juggle many things including friends, school, part time jobs and making sure you remember to shower. Sometimes, it is no wonder that we don’t notice all the clutter gathering in our space until it is too late and it appears too big to take care of. There is always a starting point. Do not be discouraged by that pile of last week’s laundry that you promised to fold away soon, but now resides on your desk chair. There are ways to prevent clutter and keep your room and living space clean. 

Learn To Make Your Bed Right After You Wake Up

The cursed bed– the one we crawl into right after school or to extend a nap into the first period. The problem with the bed is that it is central to the room, and that is why when we have a messy bed the entire room looks like a mess, though it may not be. The best way to help yourself is to make your bed right after waking up. Not only does this knock off something on your to-do list, it gives you a good starting point to clean the rest of your space.Making your bed is a small thing, but for some it is a victory because it is not always easy to get out of bed.

Have A Good Batch Of Cleaning Supplies

Have a nice smelling home is fundamental to how you’re going to take care of it. Buying scented supplies can make you want to clean your room. Dr. Clo Malaysia is a perfect disinfectant that works automatically. It has mild odours and is even safe for pets, if that is something you may be concerned with. 

 Dr. Clo Malaysia

Set Aside A Laundry Day

Setting aside a day for laundry will help you immensely. Do it as early as you can so that you can have your clothes packed away before evening. Having everything taken care of before late afternoon can give you the rest of the day to breathe; to relax. Instead of having a dumping site for laundry, discipline yourself to pack it away as soon as its dry. Dry your shirts on hangers for easy transfer into a wardrobe.

Decorate Your Room

Simple décor can turn your space into one you want to keep clean. Buy scented candles, or fairylights– anything that can transform your room into a space you can be proud of. If you enjoy being in your room, you are going to want to take care of it. Personalise different parts of it according to your own tastes. Try adding flowers or plants. Perhaps you can experiment with different cushions on a small couch if you have one, or place pictures of family on a table.

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