Baby Bottles 101: Which One To Choose?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the selections in the feeding supply section while visiting a baby store. The majority of soon-to-be parents have a lot of questions: Which bottles are the ideal for newborns? Is there anything special you should look for in terms of characteristics or shapes? Is it better to use plastic, glass, or silicone, according to experts? We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry. Continue reading for tips on choosing newborn baby bottles from actual mothers and professionals. You can also make your selection through Pigeon online store to find their pigeon baby bottles.

What Should I Look for in a Newborn Bottle?

According to experts, you won’t know what your child will enjoy until he or she gives it a try. They propose asking your parent pals for three recommendations. Then, after the baby comes, acquire one of each and conduct your own testing. Here are some additional suggestions for selecting the finest baby bottles for newborns.

Choose larger bottles or bottles with extra features. Buying larger bottles up front might help you save money because you can reuse them later. Can’t help but sign up for a beginning set? Because you may need to buy them later if Baby turns out to be gassy, it’s best to pick bottles with features that decrease air bubbles, such as drop-in inserts, vents, or an angled top.

If you’re going to pump, plan beforehand. For parents who plan to pump, here’s an exclusive tip: Purchase bottles from the same manufacturer as your breast pump. You’ll be able to express your milk directly into the bottle you’ll be using later in this manner. That’s one less item to clean!

Purchase fresh bottles for each youngster. If this is your second (or third, or fourth) child, you should get them fresh bottles. Older, used ones may not satisfy modern safety or environmental regulations; for instance, some older plastic bottles may contain BPA. Also, buy fresh nipples on a regular basis!

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Is There a Need for a Different Bottle for Your Baby?

You might question if your baby need various types of bottles if they are fussy during feedings. It’s certainly doable, but there are several other difficulties to address first. If your darling pea appears to be sucking ferociously (the nipple may even invert) and appears to be dissatisfied, you may need to go up to the next nipple level, which will enable milk to flow more quickly. If the milk from the bottle is spilling out of your baby’s mouth, they may require a nipple with a smaller opening.

Another reason newborns cry is because of gas. Raise your baby’s head higher than their belly to decrease it, and make sure the nipple is constantly full of milk. Loud sucking might signify they’re inhaling too much air, but it could also mean they have a big mouth! In any event, burp them after four or five minutes.

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