Breastfeeding Supplies Recommended by a Mother of Three

For new mothers, these are the essentials of breastfeeding.

Working mothers who have successfully nursed and pumped for all three of their children for one to two years are always welcome to join in on the conversation. As a nursing and pumping expert, I get asked this question all the time: What do I need?

The three-and-a-half years of breastfeeding that I had with my son taught me a lot. As a mother, I believe it was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my children.

I’ve put together a list of breastfeeding essentials for those who plan to do so:

1. Sufficient nursing bras

The first time I left the house with both of my newborns was to go shopping for some high-quality nursing bras. After having my first kid, I quickly realised that the cheap bras I purchased at a big-box retailer were not going to suffice. As a long-term nurse, the investment is worth it.

2. Pads for nursing

Most new mothers will need these at some point during their first few weeks of breastfeeding, at least. Lasinoh breast pumps were my favorite. Reusable pads that may be washed in the washing machine are also available. You could get them in new mother products Malaysia.

3. Lanolin

In addition to protecting your nipples from the elements, this salve can also be used to treat sore, chapped or cracked nipples. The sooner you start utilising it, the better your nipples will be. For the most part, you’ll only need one tube for the duration of your breastfeeding.

4. Soothing agents

When I was nursing my first child, I relied heavily on these circular gel pads to alleviate the pain and discomfort. Put them in the fridge and they’ll be even better.

5. Prenatal vitamins

After the baby is born, it is still vital to take vitamins.

6. A nursing pillow

I used it with each of my children. While an ordinary cushion can be used, I believe that a breastfeeding pillow is much easier and more comfortable.

7. “The Nursing Mother’s Companion”

This book is a great resource for nurses at any stage of their career, not just in the initial few weeks.

8. A cover

In public, I chose to use a nursing cover instead of exposing my breasts. You should make sure that your cover has enough fabric and is one that you like before using it. Having ruffles on my dress might seem like a trivial detail, but I really like it.

You’ll also need these items if you’re going to pump:

9. An electric pump with shields of the correct size

If you aren’t sure if you want to invest in an electric pump, you can rent one from a hospital. Make an appointment with a lactation consultant while you’re in the hospital so they can assist you figure out what size shields you need. Quite a few women require a different size than what is provided by the pump. Being fitted at the hospital will save you a lot of pain and aggravation!!

10. A hands-free bra

I don’t know how I pumped without one for a year with my first child! Pumping has never been easier thanks to them.

11. Bags for storing breast milk

Your “liquid gold” will need to be stored in a special bag in the refrigerator and freezer. Using generic bags proved to be a success.

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