What Are The Signs Of A Bad Liver? How Should I Manage It?

The liver is an extremely important organ in the human body, but it is also very fragile. Not only is it susceptible to bacterial and viral attacks, but it is also susceptible to abnormal liver function due to poor lifestyle habits. If left untreated, it can cause serious harm to the body.

What does the body do when the liver is bad?

1. Dull, dark and yellowish skin

When liver function is abnormal, liver cells that accumulate iron are prone to damage and the iron in them flows to the blood vessels, increasing the iron content in the blood and leading to a darkened face and a dull appearance. When bilirubin is difficult to excrete due to obstruction of the bile duct, it causes jaundice, which manifests itself as a yellow face and yellowing of the iris of the eyes. 

2. Increased pimples and fatty grains

When liver function is impaired, it tends to lead to hormonal imbalance and endocrine disorders, which can cause an increase in sebum production, leading to more acne and fatty pimples.

3. Wounds are easily infected

When a normal person has a small wound, the liver will break down the toxins in the body and discharge them, so as long as you pay attention to hygiene and disinfection, the wound will not be infected. For people with a bad liver, wounds are susceptible to toxin attacks and are very susceptible to infection.

4. Easy fatigue and loss of appetite

If the liver is not good, it will affect the body’s metabolic function, unable to transform enough energy for the body, thus triggering a sense of fatigue. At the same time, it will also affect the digestive function, food is difficult to digest, toxins are not discharged in a timely manner, easily cause loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting symptoms.

What should I do for my liver? 

1. Rational diet

Pay attention to the structure of the diet, a balanced diet, mainly light, less greasy, stimulating food, you can eat more grapes, tomatoes, green beans and other foods that are beneficial to liver health. Pay attention to drinking more water, which is good for detoxification, and you can also drink some liver tea to achieve the effect of detoxification and liver relaxation. If necessary, take appropriate supplements such as Proganic traditional liver supplement Malaysia after consultation with some doctors

2. Maintain a regular routine

To regulate the liver must not stay up all night, to ensure sufficient sleep, because at night to sleep and rest, the liver can be fully nourished. If you stay up late and have irregular work and rest for a long time, you will excessively consume the liver’s energy and cause some damage to the liver.

3.  Reasonable arrangements for the exercise

Exercise can promote blood circulation and metabolism and can help the body to discharge harmful substances and reduce body fat, which is beneficial to the health of the liver.

In short, effectively regulate the liver also requires long-term persistence and a good lifestyle. When your body shows signs of a bad liver, you should make adjustments in time to change those habits that hurt your liver and go to the hospital immediately for check-ups and treatment when symptoms are severe. 

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